Buddha Teaching

These beautiful Buddha statues are wonderful piece to place in the northeast corner of home, school or office to symbolize education, teaching and personal growth. Some believe the statues will help improve the energy flow throughout the home, school or office. Place the statues facing outward to bless those who enter, so that they may become enlightenment and desire continue education and truth.

Take care: Clean with the natural oil / Keep in a cool, dry and open place / Do not keep in a closed box / Keep away from water.

Price: 380.00 $

Code: BWT05
Size: 45cm x 35 cm

Price: 290.00 $

Code: BWT04
Size: 41cm x 31cm

Price: 170.00 $

Code: BWT03
Size: 34cm x 25cm

Price: 95.00 $

Code: BWT02
Size: 27 cm x 20 cm

Price: 65.00 $

Code: BWT01
Size: 41cm x 31cm

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