About Rany and the start of Graines De Cambodge

Precious metal and gemstone do not feature in Siem reap designer Rany Som’s gleaming jewelry collection- instead, she used over twenty different kinds of seed found growing locally to create delicate. Intricate necklaces, bracelets and much more, recently branching out into clothing home-ware.

Som founded her company, Graines de Cambodge, in 2011 after returning to Siem Reap after living in India for four years with her Ex-husband. She alway an artistic streak and loved being creative but, as the oldest of seven children, had never had opportunities to go to art school or study design. On her return to Cambodia, time were tough for Som as her parent disapproved of divorce and did not welcome her back into the family house. She moved out of the house but struggled to find work. ” one day I was driving my motorbike and I was so sad in my life, so lonely. I saw some seed on the road so I stopped and collected them, ” she says.

Som thought they were pretty and immediately saw potential in the small, colorful seeds. She thought perhaps she could thread them together to crest some kind of jewelry. But initially struggle to put her idea into practice.